Local agency appointed to help boost more shoppers to Nelson town centre

Scott Dawson Advertising based in Burnley, has been appointed by Nelson Town Team to run a promotional project, to attract more visitors and shoppers to Nelson town centre.

The innovative project starting in mid-May, aims to increase interest in the town with various activities planned.

“A new logo has been designed which will appear on all the literature and marketing materials and we are also embracing social media with a Twitter campaign and You Tube clips. Nelson has a great deal to offer and we want to attract people in to the town centre who may not have visited Nelson for some time” commented Murray Dawson, Managing Director at Scott Dawson Advertising.

On September 18th and 19th a food festival will be taking place in the town centre with stalls offering a choice of English and Continental foods, as well as Asian delicacies.

Lara Oddie from Oddies Bakery and Vice Chair of the Town Team added “We’re three years on from receiving the Portas Pilot funding. We’ve seen a huge variety of new things happening in the town through our funding from sports activities in the town centre, a children’s pop-up art shop in Pendle Rise, 6 Art and Vintage Markets, various events and most recently opening The Shop in Nelson – the Town Team is very proud of this exciting new space. This marketing project is going to recognise the changes that have been achieved in the town in recent years. The number empty shops has reduced throughout and most significantly on the pedestrian section of Scotland Road and the Victory Centre (where we wanted to concentrate the funding) which has seen a fantastic 9% fall!”

All shop keepers will be asked to take part in the four month promotional campaign and there will be opportunities for their businesses to feature in a promotional leaflet that will be distributed to the surrounding localities, as well as featuring in promotional videos that will be uploaded to social media and You Tube.

Shops outlets or business wishing to sponsor the campaign, please contact Sue Lawson on 01282 426846