Burnley Business Scott Dawson Advertising Is Stepping Up Production to Keep Retail & Manufacturing Staff Safe from Coronavirus as they Return to Work

The Government has issued guidance for all businesses on Covid 19 working practices. Scott Dawson Advertising has a kit to help organisations maintain social distancing rules.

Public health officials are advising the nation to keep 2 metres apart at all times. This is because the coronavirus is thought to be spread by water droplets in coughs and sneezes. By keeping your distance as much as possible you can significantly reduce your chances of infection.

That’s why Scott Dawson Advertising Ltd (SDA), based in Burnley, has created Covid-19 Retail and Business Social Distancing Kits. Everybody wants to help the nation get through the coronavirus health crisis, but sometimes you just need a reminder to maintain social distancing.

Having brightly coloured signage around business and retail outlets goes a long way to reminding people to keep a reasonable distance.

The kits include:

  • 4 x A4 posters
  • 1 x A3 poster
  • 1 x banner
  • 20 x window stickers
  • 1 x floor graphic
  • 1 x A board
  • 1 x pull up banner
  • 1 x sneeze guard

These items can also be purchased separately as required and free local delivery is offered to businesses.

Zahida Shamim, Account Director of Scott Dawson Advertising commented:

“With the country getting back to work, business need to be prepared for new working arrangements. Simply keeping your distance is enough to save lives and protect the NHS, and with these Covid-19 protection kits, that’s what trying to achieve – we have had a massive uplift in supply of these kits both locally and nationally with larger companies wanting bespoke items which we can do all inhouse”.

Leading the way with marketing and commercial direction for your business in 2019

With an impressive history, track record of business success and an innovative approach, use an experienced Interim Director for new prospects in 2019.

Stephen Tasker is seeking a new venture. As an interim director, Stephen has an eye for new business opportunities- with a proven track record of troubleshooting, refining teams and increasing company turnover.

Previous experience over the last 30 years includes:

Lotus- Stephen worked in the marketing department at Lotus, learning the value of creative thinking and taking an unconventional approach. He also gained experience in the service department, preparing factual analysis of issues for the service manager.

Brand Manager at Ready Brek– A household name, with wholesaler contracts and a variety of marketing tactics, including TV, aggressive on pack and commercial sales.

Product Development Manager at Crown Paints- Stephen lead the product and pack development single-handedly for this large national brand.

Accrington and Rossendale college

Charlotte Scheffmann, Assistant Principal at Accrington and Rossendale College said:

“Stephen has been a hugely valuable asset for us during 2018. Working with us at the college 4 mornings a week he has changed the culture of the way we operate, navigating us towards a commercial focus, introducing new initiatives and mentoring staff.

He has driven our apprentice recruitment and has consistently worked with enthusiasm. From ghost writing reports for senior management to events and increasing our restaurant turnover by a factor of 10, Stephen has been essential to us as a business throughout 2018 and given us that gear change, we needed.”

Scott Dawson Advertising

Murray Dawson, Managing Director at Scott Dawson Advertising said:

“We have been hiring Stephen out as an extension of our marketing services at SDA, when a client has a need for an interim marketing or special ops commercial director. We have seen great success as it dovetails with our existing services.

Stephen is ideally positioned to take any business to the next level, with over 30 years’ extensive experience in innovative roles for a large variety of industries and companies. Focussed on driving new business, implementing a commercial focus and bringing effective public relations to a company – Stephen’s passion and expertise as an Interim Director is of huge benefit to any businesses – be that for change or to develop an expansion strategy.”

Call Scott Dawson Advertising on 01282 426 846 to discuss how Stephen can take your business to the next level.